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Pinch Hanger DT Skirts & Pants Hanger

Volume Per Case : 480 pcs.
Size : 12 inch
Color : BLACK

1) Insert center bar between fabrics to increase a maximum holding strength.

2) Push the lever down to release the clips.

3) Pile them up for storage efficiency when you recycle.

We needed to make three improvements in our current King Size Pinch Hanger.
・Dealing with a slip down. ・Minimizing a trace of pinch.
・Maximizing the performance for your staff.

These problems looked like hard to be taken care of simultaneously.
The solution we've come up with is introducing an inner bar.

Flex Strut Plastic Strut Hanger

Volume Per Case : 250 pcs.
SIZE : 14 inch

Insert slacks between strut & Clips, then push the rock bar till it goes click. * Repeat the same process for the opposite side.

Silhouette Saver both Men's and Women's

Volume Per Case :

600 pcs. (150x4) Mens
600 pcs. (200x3) Ladies


18.9 inch Mens

16.5 inch Ladies


1) Insert the wire hanger hook through the center hole on the Silhouette Saver.

2) Flex or bend up part (A) and snap it in the wire hanger underneath.

3) Repeat on the opposite end of the hanger.

U-1 Hanger Suit Hanger

Volume Per Case : 120 pcs.
SIZE : 19 inch
*We have both Left & Right Hook.

1) Fold down and get ready to use.
2) Hang pants too using pants stoppers.
3) Perfect Shoulder & Neck Line.
4) * Pile them up to minimize storage space.